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Find Out How This Program Starts at $125.00
& Pays Out Multiple Sales Rewards of 


Chess Rewards
Program Introduction.

Multiple profits centers, can generate, unlimited ongoing lump sum payments of $200 and $2450. 
Each piece / position, pays out upto $2450.00 per cycle when completing Gold board sales requirements.
You can start with 8 pieces / positions & the More Positions you Have, the more multiple & unlimited $2450.oo payments you can earn.

Each Product Suite, Includes 1 to 8, Complimentary Playing Pieces.

The Cycle Value Relates to Pieces in a Suite, Cycling Only Once.

You Can Cycle Unlimited Times!

How You Start Earning.

After you have purchased a product suite, pieces are placed on the silver sales board, the pieces will land in one of the positions 8 – 15,
on a new silver sales board.
Positions will be filled, with sales, you introduce, your uplines sales, rentries, community Members, and Grand master positions. 
When you get to position 1, a $50 reward is paid and when positions
8 – 15 are filled you receive another $150.00 Total $200
plus a free entry onto the next GOLD board. 
Each time positions 8 – 15 are filled, the No. 1 player moves to a Gold board and everyone advances to one of the next highest positions according to status.
Completing the Silver Board Pays $200 Plus a FREE entry to the A gold board
When you land on a GOLD board from a silver board, the first 7 positions will already be filled from previous sales boards. 
Your piece from the silver board will be placed in one of the positions 8 to 15. The goal is to get to position 1 as fast as possible. 
Rewards paid every two sales.
Positions 8 & 9 filled Pays $350,
Positions 10 & 11 filled Pays $450,
Positions 12 & 13 filled Pays $650, 
Positions 14 & 15 filled Pays $1000 =  Total $2450
When the  15th position is filled, everyone advances to one of the next highest positions, 7 to 1. Then the number 1 position re-cycles onto a new GOLD board, taking up one of the 8 – 15 positions. 
Re-entries to the Gold Board Auto Repeat, unlimited times.

Completing the gold Board Pays $2450 Plus a Re-entry back to a GOLD Board

Perpetual Cycle Earnings

Every time you cycle out of a GOLD board with $2450.oo in earnings, the system re-enters you back onto a GOLD board and can also auto-purchases a two more Status 1 & status 2  positions for $250 to multiply & advance your earnings.
The new positions, can be placed onto a new SILVER board to create additional earnings.  
Auto purchases multiply your rewards, Speed up cycling and earnings as well as supporting the community.

Token Buy Back Program: 10% of all the withdrawals from the program and Gold board reward payments are set aside and made available, for buying back Trade tokens. If you have trade tokens and are currently on a Gold board, the Token buy back program can purchase back from you up to 25% of your current balance every week. This means you can earn from evey gold board in the entire program and make money over and above the progressive Gold gold board payments.
                                                                             See the Progressive Gold board payments, Click button below

Remember The Cycle Value is Based On Each Piece Cycling Once!

The System Allows For
Unlimited Cycling!  

International Trade is a BOOMING Multi Trillion Dollar Industry. The World Depends on It EveryDay, It Never Stops!

The Booming Import / Export field is not the sole territory of the Big Corporate traders anymore.
According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the big guys make up only about 4 percent of all exporters.
96 percent of exporters — The lion’s share are smaller outfits, like Hop2it.
90% of all goods move through containers & that’s the business Hop2it has been in for over a decade. 

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