“Hop2it invested significant capital into its Australian Hemp Project from 2016 to develop the technology to infuse hemp bi-products into food for human consumption and animal food supplements.”

Hop2it’s Hong Kong based holding company provided funding to purchase an Australian food manufacturer Murrumbooee Australia & International Condiments. This business originally based in the Gold Coast enjoyed 400 retail customers and provided a range of 33 condiments delivered Australia wide and exported to a number of US and Asian customers.

The Murrumbooee brand name is an Aboriginal word for cascading water and comes from the Kimilary tribe in the Gibraltar National Park where the Murrumbooee falls are located. The selected “bush tucker” ingredients form the basis of the condiment range sourced from a number of Australian only suppliers.


Between2014 and 2016 our Hong Kong-based Hop2it company also funded the development of four bio-soluble oral sprays and two specialized Gel Cap CBD products.

These products were, and still are restricted to the US market and were originally marketed under the Murrumbooee brand directed to the veteran PTSD market and of course the retail wellness market.

In the USA we developed separate corporate structures to manage the cultivation and extraction of CBD oil and seed for the replanting and further cultivation of the Blue Marley marijuana product we were interested in cultivating for medical and wellness purposes. The US market for CBD is mature and differs from Australia in many ways.

The Australian Hemp Project focuses on health and wellness products, commencing with food. The Australian Government changed the laws pertaining to Hemp in 2016, making it legal to import, cultivate or sell Hemp bi-products for use in human food and animal supplements.  

Hop2it re-structured the Murrumbooee business as an Australian registered business under a management company, Food Addict Pty Ltd. Through 2018, all attention was on expanding the commercial kitchen and food factory to develop a sub range of Hemp infused condiments containing Hemp oil, seed and protein powder made from the plant. The Murrumbooee logo was upgraded to use for both food and CBD in America.



An important part of Hop2it’s Australian Hemp Project is the acquisition of a suitable rural property in which to cultivate Hemp and other selected plants from which Hop2it desires to develop its unique hemp based food and wellness products.

Offers and contracts were placed on two properties in Proston norther of Brisbane Australia and if successful in settling, will be used for this purpose. If unsuccessful, Hop2it intends to keep seeking a Queensland property to operate the Murrumbooee food manufacturing factory as well as specialized cultivation.